Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Which martial art do I recommend to people?

I get a lot of emails asking "what martial art should I take?". I kind of answered (in a long winded way) in my post about ALL sorts of martial arts you could study. Thing is, the people who end up on my blog are generally looking for the arts that *I* would study and want to study something similar.

Currently, Krav Maga is always the first one I recommend to people who have never taken a class before or have very limited experience. Krav Maga is the best thing you will find for every day self defense. Even the seasoned practitioner can learn something here.

To those who want to learn weapons or have experience I always recommend Kali/Escrima/Arnis. It's great for anyone who is well-experienced in an art already and is comfortable with themselves self-defense-wise.

Personally I think both of them are still significantly lacking in many respects (which is why this blog exists). Unfortunately, I have yet to find a style that I would recommend over either of them.


Anonymous said...

Personally I would recommend any martial art that relies on fast strikes and mobility. And any martial art that doesn't focus on competition but more on realism. (By which I mean martial arts that practice sparring but don't rely on rulesets like TKD and BJJ do...)

Traditional kung fu comes to mind. Wing Chun is fine although I would recommend Bak Mei even more. Since Krav Maga borrowed a lot of their basic techniques from traditional kung fu, I would recommend traditional kung fu.

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