Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The biggest problem with martial arts and self defense

Martial arts and self defense as taught today is about fighting when it should be about surviving.

Why is it that way? The reason is simple - the majority of self defense is derived from martial arts. Martial arts are about fighting.
Also, all competitive martial sports are about fighting.
These two things encompass (almost) the entire world of self defense and martial arts today.

If we are serious about the goal most people have with studying self defense - survival - then we must rethink everything we are teaching.


Brandon said...

I couldn't agree more on that! If your planning to survive an attack in a dark alley against thugs, will you use the fancy kick that won you a thropy?!

Anonymous said...

I am very proud to say my martial art teaches us how to survive a physical conflict. Sure we fight in the form of sparring, but our ultimate goal is survival in a real conflict.

kishan said...

This is very informative post. I have learn the martial art for my teacher from last 2 years. I think he is really best one martial arts teacher. Thanks so much for sharing the nice post...

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Good insight at usual.

David said...

Bye the way i learn it for self defense only and i practiced it regularly.

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