Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Don't go to the ground on the street video examples

Mainly meant to be humorous, but this is a fine example of why you don't want to go to the ground when there are multiple attackers.


Yet another example during training (video starts where it happens):

(thanks to KittyofcomBATON from combaton players forum for this last video)


Combaton Forum said...

Another great post!

Breed said...

The number one reason for not going to the ground in a street fight is that it takes away your best option...RUN! In a street fight with multiple attackers, running is a pretty good option.

If you can't run, I recommended inflicting as much pain as quickly as possible. Also the concept of a fair fighting in the street or any other realistic senario is a sure way to get beaten or worse.

If you are going to fight, do it for real. Inflict pain as quickly as possible. If that means fighting dirty...DO IT. Sometimes that is all that is standing between you and the ambulance!

OH...and that guy in the video deserved to be bitch slapped.

Kitty Breed said...

This comment is for the last commenter, "Breed." Are we related? Kitty Breed

Jesse Crouch said...

Haha... Kitty, I thought that first comment was you. What a coincidence.

Matt said...

Plenty of great examples in your last two posts as to why the ground is no place to be. Even ground fighting training should focus on getting back up and away as quickly as possible.

Kitty Breed said...

Matt, that's exactly what John Hackelman [Chuck Liddell's trainer] told us in a demo a couple of years ago.

Kitty Breed said...

Hey Jesse, You cracked me up. With a last name like "Breed" you've got to be tough. But I leave the b&*ch slapping talk to the guys, ha ha.

John said...

In a street fight, going to the ground means the end of you :) So the best option you can do is to run away and you'll have another chance :)

Keith said...

I agree with you one hundred percent. Going down to the ground brings you to your weakest alternative of surviving. Fighting in the street is indeed not safe and uncertain so the best thing to do is get away from trouble and if you encounter one just run. Weapons are also very effective but I suggest you use non-lethal weapons to avoid casualties.

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