Friday, January 1, 2010

Bad martial arts instructors

Yes, it's humorous, but it's also an exaggerated example of what is so common in the martial arts world - ego. I'd imagine many watching this video have personally experienced something similar to the things happening here.

I posted on Claire Berlinski's Learning to fight blog a few weeks ago:
McDojo types are the only truly fraudulent ones and those are easy to spot. The rest of it is just a lot of misunderstanding and ego. It is a world full of testosterone-filled individuals who train to fight, but never actually get the fight out of them. And the ones who do fight competitively are in a completely different world.

The remedy for this is choosing a good school and instructor. Be vigilant. Avoid asshole instructors. Avoid asshole students too, they can hurt you just as much as an instructor can. A good instructor tames or gets rid of asshole students.

Stay safe and Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

I agree you should watch out for and avoid bad instructors AND bad students: one guy nearly broke my arm with an armbar (he failed to grasp the finer points so he decided to use strength, which he had in abudance, and all of a sudden the lock came on... way too hard), another dislocated my shoulder trying to impress his gf with his fabulous 'skills'. If you cannot exercise control you don't belong on the mat and I fully agree instructors should discipline or remove such boorish individuals. Safety is paramount in training and hurting people is so easy once you've reached a certain level.

Good post,


Marc G. said...

I agree completely. When Gichin Funakoshi wrote his "20 Precepts", he listed #1 as "Karate begins and ends with respect." I know dojos practice this in different ways; but, the first thing I( learned in my first lesson was to bow correctly and what it meant. We are supposed to respect (and be respected by) those we train with...instructors included. It is neccesary or you, you get the incidence that Zara just mentioned in her comment. There is no place in a dojo (just like on a sports field) for show-offs or prima-donnas. Bad things happen when ego is in the driver's seat.

Sean @ Gisoku Budo said...

Another great post - having done sparring training with some cocky show-offs a number of years ago during some extensive sparring classes, it was disheartening and frustrating that there isn't the level of mutual respect that there should be when training. At least it left me feeling like a bit of a rubbish karateka, as opposed to feeling excited and challenged about learning my art and its practical uses.

Thankfully, where I am currently training there is a great amount of respect between students and instructors, which makes for a very rewarding experience.

Roland Beauregard said...

I think that this is one of the funniest skits on martial arts after the Monty Python defense against fresh fruit. It truely captures the arrognace of some martial arts instructors. I do not know how many times I have heard "you are doing the attack wrong". Tell that to the freak attacking you on the street.
I hate to seem like a copy cat but I just posted the same video on my blog. Funny to see it posted here. It must resonate with lots of martial artists.

Ronald said...

There are really some instructors that are so bad in training their students and that is so annoying to know. It is destroying the image of martial arts especially that one of the lessons being learned in martial arts is attitude. Maybe that is the technique of the instructors in teaching but still they should also consider the feeling of their students.

Anonymous said...

All the martial arts are seriously deluded.
Think about this do the villians and gangsters do martial arts? and what is jumping around in your bare feet going to achieve.

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