Friday, September 25, 2009

Martial arts pressure point chart

I often get the question "where can I find a pressure point map that shows what martial artists use?"

Some pressure point charts

Pressure points in martial arts largely correspond with points used in acupuncture. You don't manipulate them the same way and they don't have the same effect. You don't use all of them either.. some are much more effective than others. Here are some good charts that I like to use:

Learn from a qualified instructor

Find someone to teach you. There are lots of qualified instructors out there. There are several arts to choose from if you want to learn. Please don't try to learn from a book or video and certainly not a chart. I post these links as a resource for those learning pressure point martial arts and so people can explore and get an overview of what it's all about. Don't just start hitting people.


Matt "Ikigai" said...

For anyone willing to spend a couple of bucks, the chart I use is found here -

I really like the 3-d aspects of it.

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