Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to hide in plain sight

This is somewhat of a crossover topic between my interests in survivalism as well as martial arts.

As far as martial arts goes, the topic directly relates to avoiding conflict. There is no better defense than not having to fight at all. And more, it is best to never even become a target to begin with.

I found this post that mainly demonstrates blending with nature, although it applies even in urban settings. Key points:
  • Avoid displaying your silhouette
  • Use background and shadows
  • Display a less-human shape
  • Alter the human form

Definitely read the post. It's what inspired me to write about this.

Urban blending

As far as urban blending goes it may not be so much about hiding as part of what we traditionally think of as 'nature' as it will be with whatever your surroundings are. Certainly if you are in an urban setting the scenario could be the same - no people around, but you need to hide. Follow the steps above.

The main idea here is to fit in with your surroundings.

Things change somewhat when your urban setting has more people. One main advantage is that the 'landscape' now moves. If you're trying to reach a destination, a moving landscape now allows you to do that.

Remember: fit in. Blend. Move with the landscape. Do what they do. If you're in a tourist setting, look up, look around. If you're surrounded by business folks in a downtown area, look ahead, look down. Don't move faster than anyone else, don't move slower. If you're looking for something - the person looking for you, perhaps - try not to look around. Do other activities that the others do and use your eyes to look, not your head. If you can, use reflective surfaces to look around you; be careful this does not expose you more though.

If you can plan ahead, wear what they wear. You can't usually change much on the go, but you can change some things. Tucking a shirt in vs out can make a big difference in how you look. How many buttons are buttoned up on your shirt can too.

Learn the customs and act as they do. Don't know the language of where you are? Learn a few key phrases like "Hello" or how to answer to "how are you?". Maybe you don't say hello to others, but you should be able to respond if someone says something to you.

It applies even if you're not hiding from someone

Remember, all of this applies even if you're not trying to hide from a specific person or group of people. You may just be trying to avoid seeming out of place and thus becoming a target. Think of it as prevention. Make it your goal to look like everybody else.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.


H.Cherdon said...

Great post!

Matthew Lee Willis said...

I loved this article. I love all that you post honestly. THOUGH...I must figure out how you added the social button to your post at the end. *Sharethis*

Jesse Crouch said...


Check out You can edit your blogger layout and put it in the post footers. The exact spot in the code is a little difficult to find.

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