Monday, August 31, 2009

How to neck break - Crappy technique of the week

This is one of the more absurd videos I've seen. If you're in a situation that is truly life-or-death-serious (this guy really wants to kill you or something equally serious) don't teach people to rely on finger locks alone and don't teach people ineffective technique like letting go of your lock to try an un-leveraged 'neck snap'.

Advice on small joint manipulation

The finger lock is a sound technique, but is also a very weak technique in terms of mechanical advantage. Those who are determined, mentally incapacitated (mentally unsound or on drugs) or otherwise just-don't-care will take broken fingers if it means being able to accomplish their goal. You can find numerous modern examples as well as throughout history about this. I've heard first-hand from multiple prison guards that they have altered what they train because prisoners have no problem taking a broken finger or wrist if it means getting to hit who they really want to hit. These guards don't go for finger locks or ever wrist locks anymore.

That's not to say it's ineffective though. Small joint manipulation is a fine place to start, but not to stop.

Snapping necks

"I let go, release the jaw.. push and pull back." Do not do this. If you have a lock and it is working, do not let go of it to do something ineffective. Any time you change what you're doing there must be a transition. Your opponent must be stunned, locked up or otherwise incapacitated. Transition with a flow into another lock or a strike, do not just let go.

This neck break will never work because she has no body control or leverage of any sort. The guy's arms are free, heck, his whole body is free to move. It's the equivalent of walking up to somebody and saying "Hey, I'm going to snap your neck" and then trying to do it by just grabbing at their head and trying this. Nobody is going to let you snap their neck, just like nobody is going to let you do any other technique. Your opponent has a massive amount of room to move, is expecting your attack and has a million ways to escape what you're attempting.

Other thoughts

These people must be stopped. I can't do it alone. I do this series to expose the errors in the the world of martial arts. I do it by telling you what should be done and very broad concepts of what's being done incorrectly. While this is certainly better than going at it one technique at a time and just saying "that's not effective" without an explanation, I'm still only one man.

Vote these people down, write to Expert Village and tell them to stop sponsoring these people, leave comments on my blog, leave comments on YouTube.


Matt Y. said...

I saw this post in my blog reader and came over for a smile because some of these are pretty funny. But there's really nothing funny going on. Assuming she can work out all of the problems in this scenario, why is she breaking the neck? Makes no sense.

Jesse Crouch said...

A good question, Matt.

Goal or situation isn't expressed well in this video, as it is not in most martial arts training (I'm working on a blog post about this). This is something I'm hoping to change about the field.

And of course, as for legality of the use of force, check out my post about: Martial arts, self defense and law

Anonymous said...

The point is: She does not break his neck, she imitates what she has seen in movies. I had to laugh out loud watching this, that's the most ridiculous piece I've seen for a long time. Her performance is even to embarassing for a A-Team stunt or something. lmho, thanks for the clip, I love it!

Anonymous said...

I know that this is late in the game, but why the hell would you teach someone to break a neck???

You are spot on: No one is just going to let you break his/her neck. It looks good in the movies but in real life, killing someone for the sake of a video is just not worth it! LOL!

Anonymous said...

This is pretty damn terrible. I mean I'm not an expert about snapping necks, nor an expert in martial arts. But shit...this is shit. 1st-big dude over-powered by female (no offense women, hear me out)...just by popping her arms...oh and that slap to the assailant's arm? WTF? 2nd worst fingerlock EVER. Not her, the technique. Well... her too...the enemy just screams "oh no, she's holding my hand!" Lastly, the "neck break"... ok might hurt him a bit. Strain his muscles maybe. But speed and finese when turning a guys head for him will not disable or kill him. You need to use strength to fight the enemies natural reaction of his neck muscles tightening in order to torque his head upward (imagine a clock, where the enemy facing you has their chin at 6. You want his chin twisted to 3 or 9 respectively) in order for the base of his skull to sever his brain stem. Just twisting his head left or right like in this video will not accomplish don't take stating this as proper instruction. Like I said I don't know shit about it. This is just me pointing out how F!!!!ed this vid is by some simple knowledge of anatomy and physical mechanics as a medic.

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