Sunday, May 3, 2009

Merantau: A Silat martial arts movie

Summary: Some kid leaves home, sees a girl getting hurt and decides he's going to save the world by taking down a human-trafficking network all by himself using his superduper martial arts skills.

Here's the official trailer:

Plot summary:
After a series of setbacks leave Yuda homeless and uncertain about his new future, a chance encounter results in him defending the orphaned Astri from becoming the latest victim of a European human trafficking ring led by the wildly psychotic, Ratger and his right-hand man Lars. With Ratger injured in the mêlée and seeking both his "merchandise" and bloody retribution, Yuda's introduction to this bustling city is a baptism of fire as he is forced to go on the run with Astri and her younger brother Adit as all the pimps and gangsters that inhabit the night hound the streets chasing their every step. With escape seemingly beyond their grasp, Yuda has no choice but to face his attackers in an adrenaline charged, jaw-dropping finale.

Well you already read my take on that. Stupid plot for sure. Star character has no movie experience listed by IMDB. Looks like video quality is going to be good. Fight quality from the trailer looks decent, but nothing special. I think they're basically just trying to play off the whole Tony Jaa craze - not a bad move. My main complaint is that a lot of this (the actual fighting, not the beginning sequence) doesn't even look like Silat and I wanted a Silat movie.

To me it looks like Yet Another Martial Arts Movie (YAMAM).

Here's a video demonstrating some Silat stuff (watch the guys in red).. it's mixed with some Kali too:

Merantau @ IMDB
Thanks to Dudy A. Soedjantoko for telling me about the movie.


Anonymous said...

Well, this is form of Silat that rarely been exposed to the public. Ofcourse some people might say that this is not Silat, but I believe that this is absolutely silat, especially Silat Harimau (Tiger) style of Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

that only a teaser clip which is only shown a little .... you should watch the entire movie, mate!

Anonymous said...

Well, the movie won Best Film in Action Fest 2010, so that tells you something abt its quality.
BTW, check out the trailer of its DVD release, it shows more the action scenes.

Anonymous said...

Watched the movie. Very good movie, strong characters, and great action. I want to find a Silat Guru now.

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