Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If martial arts were dance styles

Found a post about "Salsa is the Kung Fu of Dance". The post is rather interesting as a whole. I know my movement in general - dance, walking, running, lifting things, opening cabinets, vacuuming, etc - has been greatly affected by my studying martial arts.

I made a comment on their post asking for other parallels of styles of martial arts to dancing styles. In my impatience for a reply I've started thinking up a few of my own. This is similar to my post on if martial arts were programming languages:

  • Wing Chun would be Salsa - fast, jerky, high-energy and intensity
  • Tae Kwon Do would be Tango - a ridiculous amount of leg usage with barely any upper-body.
  • Aikido would be Belly Dancing - focus on the center of the body.
  • Capoeira would be Capoeira - hah.
  • Krav Maga would be the Electric Slide - anyone can learn it relatively fast, simple but effective, doesn't really look like most other styles and no quarter will be given if you use it.

Unfortunately my knowledge of the dance world is rather limited. Here's a list of styles of dance. Take a look and if you know a style and some martial arts comment and add to the list. Of particular interest/fun:
  • xxxxx would be Lap dancing - what will be crowned the sexiest martial art?
  • xxxxx would be Tap dancing - the loudest art that is also rythmic and involves metal plates on shoes?
  • xxxxx would be Line dancing - lots of group form (kata?) and cowboy hats?


Anonymous said...

While I'm certainly not an expert on dance-styles I'd say the equivalent for the lap dance would be BJJ since it involves alot of very close body contact. Line dancing mostly resembles karate with their kata's performed by all students simultanously. Tap dancing is a difficult one: perhaps kali with sinawali stick-drills?


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