Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crappy technique of the week: "choke" the man with a gun

Hands on his hips.. goin' for a gun on his side, so I smack 'im in the face, put him in a shoulder lock (because he couldn't possibly reach for the gun with his other hand), then I RELEASE the shoulder lock, let BOTH his hands free and do a "choke" on him.

So you needlessly switch takedown technique (shoulder hold to neck hold) while simultaneously leaving your attacker's arms free to grab his weapon and never even mention a disarm. Nice work.

Also, that's not a choke, it's a neck lock. Fine for pain compliance, but you're not going to put anyone out quickly (or at all) by cutting off circulation to one side of the neck when his entire body has room to wiggle.

To quote a youtube commenter (always useful input there! hah.): "You could learn more from the karate skit Jim Carey did for 'In Living Color' than this crock."

In general I hate expertvillage. I swear the entire organization is built around finding unqualified people to teach.

What you should do

Go for the hand that is reaching for the gun first. Whatever technique you end up doing, make sure you disarm the attacker.


Matt said...

haha, nice label: crappy technique

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