Saturday, May 2, 2009

Combaton: Martial arts combined with American football

Here's a short video:

Combaton combines American football with 'martial arts'. It appears, from watching the videos and looking at their rules, that this means something similar to competitive Tae Kwon Do (TKD). Quick summary of how you can strike:
  • Kicking is allowed above the hip, but not to the spine or back of the head
  • Punching is allowed to anywhere on the torso, but not the head (no mention of if you have to use a fist or you can strike other ways as well)
  • No grappling
  • You can push as long as you followup with a kick
  • No elbow strikes, but no rules on knee strikes

You score by kicking the goal pole (looks like a hanging baton):
A 3 point score is any standing kick (the support leg touching the ground). A 4 point kick is any jumping kick up to 180 degrees. A 5 point kick is a any 360 degree spinning kick.

Looks like the players all mostly wear the traditional TKD competitive vest with the red and blue spots on them under their football jerseys. The refs wear a gi-like uniform but with white and black referee colors (that's pretty corny).

I've never been a fan of TKD or football so this really isn't for me. High-kicking is generally a bad idea in most combative situations, however it actually makes some sense for a sport. I think it's certainly an interesting twist on sports. The rules at this time seem rather loose to me and I think if you got some serious players in the game (Muay Thai or MMA guys or anyone who knows what they're doing) it could get dangerous fast.

This will probably make it somewhere though because of the amount of interest in how TKD folks compete as well as in sports in general.


Kitty Breed said...

This footage was from the first ever game played indoors. Grappling is allowed in the strike zones [near the goal] and no knee shots are allowed. The game continues to evolve and the refs wear brightly colored shirts and black pants. comBATON on YouTube

Jesse Crouch said...

cool, thanks for adding those updates. I've still got a few questions:

- Can you kick with your shins instead of feet?
- What sort of protective gear is absolutely required besides the helmet/mouthguard/cup? I read on the combaton website that there is padded gear in development, but it looks like a lot of people are already wearing some padded stuff.
- Can you kick or punch to the arms or the hands?
- Are cleat shoes not allowed ever for outdoor games?

Thanks in advance.

Jesse Crouch said...

Also - I'd love to watch a game in person sometime. I live in Austin. Anything going to be going on here anytime soon?

Kitty Breed said...

We have interest from schools wanting to form teams in other areas but so far official play has been here in Florida. [There are some schools that play casually but are not part of comBATON League]We start our 2009 season in August and it will conclude at the Disney Martial Arts Festival in Orlando in October. You're invited!

Kicking should be with the foot and definately below the ankle. The refs [master level blackbelts] are looking for precision.
The helmet [head protection] and chest guard are absolutely required. Pads are optional but recommended. The players had some shoes with nobby bottoms for outside but no cleats due to the potential for injury.

The target areas are the front and side of the torso and the front and side of the head [14 and under: no head kicks.]

Kitty Breed said...

This is from the online registration from the Disney Martial Arts Festival Championships online reservations.This might help answer some questions too.

Anonymous said...

comBATON is increasing in popularity. Jacky Detaille is starting it up in France and other teams are forming in the Long Island, New York area.

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